Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Other people's problems

So often I read of problems defined so narrowly the proposed solution becomes making it someone else's. Not my problem. Federal spending too high? Make it a states problem. Costs out of control? Freeze spending and leave it to others to cover the costs. Problems identified are one dimensional and usually not even about what they purport to be. They are always the obsession of the author. Government? A spending problem. Healthcare? A spending problem. Earned benefits? A spending problem. Deficits? A spending problem. Cutting spending solves everything. The spending that is cut, that's someone else's problem. Problems aren't to be solved; they are to be made someone else's. Who ever said life was complicated? So simple, it's stupid. There is only one acceptable objective and it is theirs. It isn't like they even realize there might be others, or even more important ones. Those are Other People's Problems, OPP. The problem is everyone else following his lead is making theirs his.

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