Monday, July 17, 2017

Does anyone really believe this?

That if anyone doesn't have something, it is because they don't want it. That people would rather not pay for health insurance because they can get it for free or don't want it. Yet I read if they really wanted insurance they would buy it, like that is an option everyone has. Don't live in a mansion? Must not want one. Don't drive a Ferrari? Must not like to. Don't dine out? Must not want to. Don't buy something you can't afford to use? Must not have really wanted it in the first place. Money? Who concerns themselves about that. That people will spend much more on health insurance to avoid a much smaller penalty. Yes, that must be why so many more are now insured. Who would want to save money when they can spend it on something they don't want. Not sure who is dimmer, someone that would do this or someone that would believe this.

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