Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feelings of Depression

Can talk cause depressions? No, I don't believe talk causes anything but is the result of experience, and while emotion is important, it can be fleeting. Psychology can be longer lived though. I think there is a short term rational response that leads to an irrational longer term response, that is, irrational in the very long term. I think people are captive to their experiences and memories and their reactions to them can lead to exactly this, while in the much longer term, these can be exaggerated. For all those past depressions, life went on, they all ended, and times improved as will happen this time, but when we are in the midst of one, we can't see how or when. In part, people want a depression, they want to be punished for prior excesses, they want frugality and righteousness to be rewarded, and morality restored. Once they believe they have been punished enough, that as bad as things are, worse really won't be that much worse, and that tomorrow will come and be a bit brighter, times will improve. Can this process be hurried along? It is really difficult as we are captive to our past, but it must be tried with every fiber of our being, to do otherwise is to yield to fate. As Chauncey Gardener said, spring will come again. Looking for it better than lamenting winter.

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